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Quartz Countertops Salt Lake City, Utah

We use Ceasarstone, Hanzstone and Wilsonart Brand quartz products. Quartz combines the best of both worlds from natural products and man-made acrylics. Quartz products come in a variety of colors and particulates. A particulate is actual granite pieces ground up and placed inside of the acrylic material, giving you a granite look, but with more uniformity and no maintenance or sealing.

Quartz colors also come in vibrant solids and luminescent combinations of color and particulate. You can’t achieve these kinds of stunning visuals with any other kind of countertop material. All manufacturer product lines we list offer a variety of shades and particulate patterns that let your quartz countertop speak in exciting and original ways. Every manufacturer will have slightly different patterns and color mixtures, so we recommend setting up an appointment to schedule an in-home consultation.

Caesarstone is a pioneer in the quartz countertop industry, having manufactured their high-quality products since 1987. They feature a large spectrum of color choices, from vivid green and warm red to fresh white and bold black quartz countertops. Their business priorities include environmental sustainability, cutting-edge designs, and long-term durability.

Hanstone is known for its meticulous manufacturing procedure to create top-notch products, including a gorgeous black quartz countertop. This process includes polishing both sides of every slab, inspecting them to ensure the highest standards, and shipping them in a safer, upright position. You can rest assured that you will purchase high-quality quartz countertops when you choose Hanstone.